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Providing Agriculture Equipment Since 1985

ANBO Manufacturing was first established in 1985, when a good old farm boy saw the need for a front blade on his tractor, so the front blade was born. Soon after this, several varieties of the hydraulic angle blade were developed. After building the front blade, he had the need for a rake on the front of his tractor for clearing, so he designed a rake for his JD740 loader.

In about 1997, I came on board with the company and was invited to watch how great the rake worked. He had burn piles going and was raking like there was no tomorrow. It didn’t take me long to realize there was more room for improvement. He was raking and pushing sometimes 100 yards into piles. So, we sat down and came up with an addition to his rake, and that’a how the grapple was born. It was an instant success.

Pioneering the grapple rake trend, we have thrived to design a combination of all different types of attachments for the market. With quality as our number one concern, we are now known all around the world. 

35 years later we have an attachment for virtually any machine. Attachments from the mini skid steer up to the larger wheel loaders, the mini excavators to the 40,000 pound machines. We have blades from 48” wide to as large as 24′ wide. We have extractors for the mini skid steers, all the way up to the wheel loaders. With the hobby farmer market so strong right now we have the perfect attachment and price points to fit your budget.  

– Ron Maestas (GM/Engineer)

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I live in Oklahoma and purchased an ANBO GR-M grapple and diverter valve. I am very happy with the quality of this product and the customer service from Anbo Manufacturing. After searching many hours on the internet this was the only 6′ grapple I found under 500 pounds that was also made of AR400 steel, had greasable pins and 48″ opening. I did the first tree job today with the grapple and saved 2 hours of job time and used one less worker to save in labor cost. This unit is awesome thanks ANBO.

- Josh S.

“I have two Anbo attachments: one for a Bobcat S185 and one for a Cat 252B. They’re especially great for cleaning out old fence lines. I would recommend these any time — they’re as useful as a pocket on a t-shirt!”.

- Bruce K.

I’m the President of an RV park here in Bastrop county that sustained major tornado and flooding damage Memorial Day. Hundreds of trees down. I have used the grapple every day since, and everyone who sees it in action is dazzled! I have it on a 47-HP Kubota, and the weight and volume it can pick up is nothing short of amazing. I have safely removed trees from buildings and power lines. We would be overwhelmed without it. I continue to be very happy with my decision to buy my ANBO grapple. Thank you for an outstanding product!

- Paul M.

“I have had the GR-M attached to my Kubota L3540 for a couple of weeks now and very impressed. I figured I would have to baby the unit because it is lighter weight and I wanted to stay that way because I have 1400 lb loader at the end of bucket. Well let me say that it is one tough unit and very
impressed with the type of steel used and its ability to withstand banging around large logs. I had a potential customer call me and ask me how I liked it and told him I like it much better than expected.”– Tom M.

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