The ANBO bucket grapple provides a high strength, yet light weight bucket grapple that will easily attach to virtually any bucket. The grapple mounts by using either a bolt on method, or by welding it in place. This unit has many unique features in the design of which are patent pending.


  • All tines are made of the abrasion resistant alloy AR400 Steel.
  • Designed to easily fit on almost any bucket on a tractor or Skid Steer.
  • Dual 3000 PSI cylinders allow for superior holding power.
  • Top grapple allows for back raking.
  • The forward facing teeth enable forward raking and tilling capability.
  • The serrated upper tine helps hold loads tightly.
  • The standard spacing of the tines is 8″. The grapple can be ordered with other spacing options.
  • Sold complete with mounts, hoses and couplers.
  • Larger model of BG-M series for larger machines that can be bolted on or welded on.
  • Fits buckets sizes from 19” – 27” inches tall with forward facing raking tooth.
  • Great for moving trees and brush, clearing pastures, or picking up debris and tilling soil.

** Measurements are required**
Click Here to download Measurement Sheet


Model Weight Bucket Sizes Cylinders Tine Metal
34″ BG-S 203 lbs. Fits 46″ to 53″ 2 @ 2″x6″ AR-400
43″ BG-S 222 lbs. Fits 54″ to 62″ 2 @ 2″x6″ AR-400
52″ BG-S 241 lbs. Fits 63″ to 71″ 2 @ 2″x6″ AR-400
60″ BG-S 260 lbs. Fits 72″ to 79″ 2 @ 2″x6″ AR-400
69″ BG-S 279 lbs. Fits 80″ to 88″ 2 @ 2″x6″ AR-400
77″ BG-S 298 lbs. Fits 89″ to 96″ 2 @ 2″x6″ AR-400


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