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Frequent Questions


Why should I have a grapple rake on a loader or skid steer?

These products may be the most useful tools you will ever have on your loader or skid steer. Unlike brush or bucket grapples, ANBO raking grapples are meant to be used in a rugged fashion. The tines are strong enough to dig up roots and rocks. You can roll the product over and back-rake material away from buildings and fence lines, gather and move piles of brush and hay, pick up silage, stack small, medium or large rocks and timber. It will handle heavy loads of timber, rocks and hay bales. It will till the soil and remove items from the ground without picking up the dirt.


Can I get one that will fit my loader or skid steer?

Yes. ANBO makes these products so they may be put on any loader or skid steer on the market. ANBO offers a size for all machines. These sizes vary from 35″ weighing 250 lbs (for walk behind landscaping units) to widths of 4′, 4.5′, 5′, 5.5′, 6′, 6.5′, 7′, 8′, 9′, and 10 feet wide weighing almost 3000 lbs (used by large tractors and heavy duty wheel loaders). ANBO provides them complete with the mounts, hoses and couplers for any make or model of machine. There are options for 6″ or 8″ spacing. ANBO will do custom versions as well.


Why is the ANBO “Site Pro” Series a good product to consider?

ANBO has a unique design and builds products to the highest quality standards using the very best materials. The special steel ANBO uses is rated at almost 2 times the strength of T1. The hydraulic cylinders are heavy duty welded cylinders (not tie rod cylinders that are more prone to fail). Each tooth is notched and welded on all sides to the main frame braces with individual steel struts between each tooth for added strength. This is the best design and most rugged unit anywhere on the market. When you buy ANBO attachments, you are getting the best product available anywhere.


How does the grapple operate?

The grapple operates with the loader a lot like a bucket. You can raise and lower it and roll it forward or backward. The opening and closing of the jaw operates by a third hydraulic function. That third function can come from the current remote, or we can add a hydraulic valve that can be operated electrically, or manually, or we can use a remote feed line from the rear (or other location) as the third control. We will help you determine the best option.


What size should I get?

Typically people like to have a product that is similar to the width of the bucket. Because ANBO uses AR400 steel, this product will have almost 1⁄2 the weight of product made out of T1 steel. This is important because it helps preserve the lift capacity of the loader. There are lighter series for smaller compact tractors and skid steers, standard series for medium size machines and heavy duty, industrial series for applications involving commercial work with a lot of rock and concrete. Our staff will help you decide on the right grapple depending on your machine and the work you want to do.


Does the product have a warranty?

Yes, ANBO stands behind their products 100%. We guarantee you will be happy with it. It comes with a one year parts and labor warranty. We have shipped thousands all around the world. We have never had one unit returned for any dissatisfaction.

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