The ANBO Extractor Series with Grapple is designed to pry up large rocks and stumps quickly with very little force and minimal soil disturbance. Thanks to this handy tool, your land can be clear of rocks and stumps without creating massive potholes.


  • All tines are made of the abrasion resistant alloy AR400 Steel.
  • Heavy duty stump and rock remover with a built in tree root cutter.
  • Features a serrated top edge that is designed to hold loads and adds to the sawing motion.
  • Quickly cuts out roots and rocks for easy extraction and transportation.
  • For Landscaping, rock and root removal, plus, building and material handling.
  • Aggressive tine design has piercing front tooth to allow the product to cut into the soil and slip around the roots and rocks.
  • Minimal impact on surrounding landscape and terrain.
  • Gets into tight spaces to enable close work in compact areas.


Model Weight Dimensions Tine Spacing Alloy
3′ EXT 325 lbs. 14″ Wide 12″ AR-400
4′ EXT 620 lbs. 17″ Wide 14″ AR-400


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