The Mini Skid Steer Extractor is for your Sub-Compact and Walk behinds and for larger versions of Tractors, Skid Steers and Wheel Loaders. This product is perfect for cutting out roots and rocks. It allows the operator to quickly cut and remove live or dead trees and stumps or boulders. It is offered with or without a grapple for easy handling of the loads.


  • Serrated tines to hold and tear roots
  • Grapple to hold materials from falling out
  • All movable parts are greaseable
  • Hydraulic cylinder is protected
  • Stump and rock removal
  • Build rock walls, carry long loads
  • Extract root balls
  • Constructed with AR400
  • Cutting bar for going through roots


Model Weight Dimensions Tine Spacing Alloy
MSS-EXT 130 lbs. 24″ T, 32″ L, 24″ H 10″ AR-400
MSS-EXTG 152 lbs. 24″ T, 32″ L, 24″ H 10″ AR-400

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