• Design for large machines (100 hp+) for heavy duty usage in all types of clearing, demolition and rock work.
  • Longer tines with lower tie bar to resist any bending or displacement.




  • All tines are made of the abrasion resistant alloy AR400 Steel.
  • Clam-shell design for better raking and digging.
  • Dual 4000 PSI cylinders allow for superior holding power.
  • Top grapple allows for back raking.
  • Top grapple protrusions add extra holding power.
  • Spacing options of 6”, 8”, or 12″.
  • Sold complete with mounts, hoses and couplers.
  • Provides extra capacity with a 90″ opening. The biggest ANBO grapple available.
  • Extra-large capacity for high efficient material hauling, clearing and raking.

” The grapple rake is strong enough to pick up anything your machine is capable of. Unlike bucket jaws that essentially pinch, the grapple rake wraps around a load. Its teeth and curvature are better for grabbing and grasping. It operates like a hand and gives much better control and holding power. “

-T. Hauptman, LA


Model Weight Tine Thickness Tine Spacing Opening
8′ GR-HHXX 4,250 lbs. 1 1/4″ 8″ or 12″ 90″
9′ GR-HHXX 4,800 lbs. 1 1/4″ 8″ or 12″ 90″
10′ GR-HHXX 5,350 lbs. 1 1/4″ 8″ or 12″ 90″


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