ANBO’s Utility Series is an all purpose, general use grapple. It is made to ANBO’s world renowned standards for quality and reliability. It has heavy gauge carbon steel, heavy duty welded cylinders are rated at 3000 psi. The UT series has the option of a split or solid top. The UT (Utility Series) products are designed with operator forgiveness. 


  • The UT series has a flat bottom, which allows you to graze the surface without gouging the surface
  • Dual 3000 PSI cylinders gives you 18,850 lbs. of force, which  allow for superior holding power.
  • Top grapple allows for back raking.
  • Top grapple protrusions add extra holding power.
  • Sold complete with mounts, hoses and couplers.
  • Split top or single top design for user preferences and flexibility.
  • Great general purpose grapple for small to mid size machines for efficient work around the farm, ranch or acreage.
  • Features bottom rear facing profile to provide raking in a  backward motion to get a finished look.


Model Weight Tine Thickness Tine Spacing Opening
60″ UT-S 440 lbs. 1/2″ 8″ 44″
68″ UT-S 490 lbs. 1/2″ 8″ 44″
76″ UT-S 540 lbs. 1/2″ 8″ 44″
84″ UT-S 590 lbs. 1/2″ 8″ 44″


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