The ANBO Hydraulic Batwing is

  • High quality, heavy duty durable angle blade with remote control side wings to provide for variable length in tight places.
  • Allows for adjusting width and windrowing for alleys, drive-ways, parking lots and narrow places.
  • Rugged design and construction for general purpose use in snow, gravel and dirt.


  • Chamfered mold board that is 31.5” (8’) and 33.5” (10-12”’) high with ¼” and 3/8” mold board steel.
  • Comes standard with adjustable skid shoes, to provide for precise depth and leveling, and a replaceable cutting edge.
  • Options include: rubber cutting edge, and height extension.


Model Weight Mold Board Blade Height Wing Height Max Angle
8′ HB 1,400 lbs. 1/4″ 33″ 27″ 30º
10′ HB 1,650 lbs. 1/4″ 33″ 27″ 30º
12′ HB 2,050 lbs. 1/4″ 33″ 27″ 30º


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