Silage Blades

ANBO silage blades are perfect for moving bulk materials. With optional extensions, the ANBO silage blade can take advantage of extra surface area to easily move more material and make your job easier.

  • High quality, heavy duty straight push and hydraulic angle silage blade for tractors, loaders skid steers and wheel loaders from 75 hp to 300 hp.
  • Rugged design and construction for general purpose use in silage, gravel and dirt. Angles up to 30 degrees hydraulic angle.
  • Hydraulic angle silage blades are better than the Straight push by controlling your flow of material where you want it. With the Blades ability to angle 30 degrees left and right helps you to build up the sides of the stacks including, next to bunker walls and push the material up the stack with ease.



  • Available in lengths of 10’-16’ for machines from 75 to 300 horsepower.
  • Chamfered mold board height of 46” with the option of an extension of 12” made of ¼” gauge steel.
  • Comes standard with adjustable skid shoes, to provide for precise depth and leveling, and a replaceable cutting edge abrasion-resistant skid shoes.
  • Attaches quickly and easily with custom or standard mounts.
  • Options include: box ends, rubber cutting edge, and height extension.


Model Weight Mold Board Blade Height Max Angle
12′ Silage-S 1,775 lbs. 3/8″ 46″ Straight
12′ Silage-4Way 3/8″ 46″ 30º
12′ Silage-6Way 3/8″ 46″ 30º
14′ Silage-S 2,070 lbs. 3/8″ 46″ Straight
14′ Silage-4Way 3/8″ 46″ 30º
14′ Silage-6Way 3/8″ 46″ 30º

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