The Excavator Rake Extreme is designed for raking debris such as rocks, limbs, and trees and separating the material from the dirt, and cleaning ditch lines out.

  • Rated for up to a 30,000 lbs. machine.
  • Custom Excavator rakes available for up to a 40,000 lbs machine.
  • For mini excavators and larger.


  • Enables raking capability for excavators.
  • Attaches easily with mounts for specific excavator.
  • Quickly clear hillsides, terrain, and fields.
  • Grapple can be bolted or welded to the bucket.
  • Optional feed line with quick couplers


Model Weight Tine Thickness Tine Spacing Number of Tines
72″ EXC-X 1,720 lbs. 3/4″ 8″ 9


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