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The launch of a new LOGO!

There's one thing for sure about the team at ANBO...

We strive for perfection. So when it was time to design a new logo it was no surprise that task was just as important and it had to be perfect. We worked as a team with everyone giving their input until we had it just right. We knew it should include an image of our most popular product, the grapple rake. And wanted it to GRAB your attention. We also agreed that we should stick with the colors from the recent logo that was created when the new owners took over in 2020. Once we had it perfect and all of those expectations were met, a new ANBO logo was born.

A big part of getting the new logo created was the launch of this new and improved website. Which was the perfect place to showcase our new logo. You'll also find a variation of our new logo on our "unbreakable" products. We hope that when you purchase a new grapple rake, blade or any of our other "unbreakable" products that you too will be just as proud to share that logo!

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