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4-Way Dozer Blades

This 4-way dozer blade is designed to handle gravel and dirt with ease, making it perfect for use at home or the job site. Available for machines from 18-200 horsepower.

This 4-way dozer blade is designed to tackle tough gravel and dirt surfaces with ease. Features include four-way adjustability so the blade is capable of moving material in four directions, allowing for increased efficiency and accuracy. The blade is constructed with durable, AR400F metal, ensuring long-lasting performance even under the toughest conditions. Designed for efficiency and productivity, this dozer blade is a must-have. The dozer blade boasts a variety of benefits, including the ability to angle up to 30 degrees, easy attachment with both custom and standard mounts, adjustable skid shoes for precise depth and leveling, and a replaceable cutting edge. These features make it an efficient and effective tool for a variety of applications. Whether you are leveling off-road terrain or clearing snow from a parking lot, the dozer blade's versatility and rugged durability make it a top choice for contractors and homeowners alike.

Blade Sizes


Max HP




140 hp

7' - 10'

750 - 1200 lb


200 hp

10' - 14'

1900 - 2550 lb

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