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We Build Grapple Rakes, Snow Blades, Rock Buckets and more!

We Build Grapple Rakes, Snow Blades, Rock Buckets and more!

Know the quality of the Steel!

The three main components of a great grapple are,

  • The steel

  • The weight 

  • The hydraulics 

The steel used is the main factor when it comes to an implement. The quality of the weld and design goes without saying. The grade of the steel is a large factor in determining the life of an implement and there is a significant difference in strength between metals, as shown in the chart provided below with common metals used for implements. When choosing your implement, be sure to check the metal grade before you buy.



Why ANBO Attachments are known for their durability.


  • The use of AR400F(formability) steel makes it possible to build stronger and lighter attachments.

  • Quality welds that you can rely on.

  • All pivot points are greaseable and easily accessible.

  • Hoses are routed securely and safely, and hose wrap is offered to protect the supply (feed) lines.

  • Hoses are quality 2-wire R-16 with a 5,800 psi rating.

  • Fully welded, rear mounted hydraulic cylinders with a 3,000 psi rating.

  • Our larger units feature a built-in pressure relief valve to protect your hydraulic system.

  • Mount location and angle has been engineered to optimize operation with both tractors and skid steers.

  • Most of our mounts are two piece, leaving the center of the rake more open for better visibility.

  • Mount build backs reduce lift capacity and are only done on units when required.

  • We offer most mount options, not just the common skid steer and John Deere mounts.

  • We offer a wide range of sizes to fit most any walk-behind, tractor, skid steer and wheel loader.

  • Our standard GR series clamps down tight to control loose loads, yet maintains an impressive opening capacity.

  • The price reflects the quality. We probably won’t be cheaper than the other guy (our competitors), but our attachments will outlast and outperform.

  • We are a small town manufacturer, committed to quality and service. This company was built on the reputation of building the best and almost 50 years later, we are still doing just that.

The Weight. You can reduce the weight by using a higher grade/strength of steel which makes for a much stronger and lighter implement. By reducing weight, it leaves you with more lift capacity. Heavier does not always mean better or stronger. Low-grade steel means heavier, whereas high-grade steel means it can be built lighter, but stronger.

The Hydraulics. High quality hydraulics are also important for longevity. Make sure the psi on cylinders, hoses and fittings are compatible for the implement with good hydraulic force/psi. Some companies design in a build back to make room for their hydraulics, which in turn reduces the lift capacity. Some basic information to know before you buy.

Additional Metal Information:

AR500 has higher abrasion resistance, but AR400 has higher impact resistance. AR400F is quenched and tempered, through hardened wear-resistance grades of abrasion.  This specialized plate is designed for applications that demand both wear resistance and impact toughness.  AR400F is an optimal combination of hardness, corrosion and abrasion resistance, formability and weldability.

Understanding why AR (abrasion resistant) steel is optimal for manufacturing an implement. Read more at

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