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6-Way Dozer Blades

This 6-way Dozer Blade (tilt, roll and angle) is designed to handle gravel and dirt with ease, making it perfect for use at home or the job site. Available for machines from 80-200 hp.

The 6-way dozer blade is a multifunctional attachment for many machines. It allows operators to move and shape materials such as dirt, gravel, and snow with six degrees of tilt: up/down, left/right, tilt left/right, forward/backward. This versatility makes it an ideal tool for site preparation, landscaping, grading, and snow removal. The blade is constructed with durable materials that can withstand heavy wear and tear, ensuring a long lifespan and efficient operation. with variable hydraulic angle requiring a 3rd function and tilts up to 10 degrees requiring a 4th function. The dozer blade boasts a variety of benefits, including the ability to angle up to 30 degrees, easy attachment with both custom and standard mounts, adjustable skid shoes for precise depth and leveling, and a replaceable cutting edge.

Blade Sizes


Max HP




140 hp

7' - 10'

1100 - 1850 lb


200 hp

10' - 14'

2350 - 3000 lb

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