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Know Your Steel!

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Before you buy a Grapple or other implement for you tractor be sure to know what steel its made of. Not all metals are equal.

What makes an implement like a grapple great? There are three main factors:

The steel, the weight, and the hydraulics

The steel used is the main factor when it comes to an implement. The quality of the weld and design goes without saying. The grade of the steel is a large factor in determining the life of an implement and there is a significant difference in strength between metals, as shown in the chart provided below with common metals used for implements. When choosing your implement , be sure to check the metal grade before you buy.

Metal and Yield Strenght (PSI)

Steel ANBO -AR400F T1 or 100 Grade 80 Grade 50 A36


150K - 180K





The Weight. You can reduce the weight by using a higher grade/strength of steel which makes for a much stronger and lighter implement. By reducing weight, it leaves you with more lift capacity. Heavier does not always mean better or stronger. Low grade steel means heavier, whereas high grade steel means lighter, but strong.

The hydraulics. High quality hydraulics are also important for longevity. Make sure the psi on cylinders, hoses and fittings are compatible for the implement with good hydraulic force/psi. Some companies design in a build back to make room for their hydraulics which in turn reduces the lift capacity. Some basic information to know before you buy.

Additional Metal Information:

AR500 has higher abrasion resistance but is brittle, while AR400 has higher impact resistance. AR400 is quenched and tempered, through hardened abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant. This specialized plate is designed for applications that demand both wear resistance and impact toughness. AR400F is an optimal combination of hardness, corrosion and abrasion resistance, formability and weldability.

Understanding why AR (abrasion resistant) steel is optimal for manufacturing an implement. Read more at


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