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Meet the Team

Updated: Jan 24, 2023


Darren and Lori have lived in the Colville area since 1999. They were previous customer's before becoming the owners of ANBO Manufacturing.

Darren has been working at ANBO since gaining ownership in 2020, He enjoys work and would say it is a hobby! I am pretty sure he enjoys his down time with his family as well. When asked what he enjoys about his job here at ANBO he responded that he most likes talking to customers and learning how much they enjoy their ANBO attachment.

Lori has been working at ANBO with Darren. in her off time she enjoys boating, back packing, camping and most of all spending time with family. When asked what she most enjoys about her job here at ANBO she responded that she finds it fun and rewarding to be part of building ANBO. She loves being a part of a company that produces high quality products that help make our customers lives easier!


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